Site Work Arrangements

Whether your requirements are as simple as installing a standard U6 gas meter, or as complex as organising new gas and electricity connections to a large building development, Oakwood Energy Group can organise, plan and execute the procedures required, to provide you with the most hassle free solution every time.


Our services include, but are not limited to;


  • Standard Gas & Electric meter installations
  • New Gas & Electricity connections
  • Meter capacity alterations -upgrades and downgrades
  • GT1’s – engineers will attend your site to check your pipework free of charge
  • Non-standard connections and metering – rotary, turbines, substations etc.
  • Relocations/alterations of services
  • Disconnections of services and meters
  • OFMAT tests
  • MPRN creations
  • AQ Appeals


All new meters provided will be AMR (Automated Meter Reading) compatible, this allows your supplier to monitor your meter readings wirelessly, eliminating the need to provide manual readings.



Each job’s cost is dependant on it’s specific requirements.


For example, for new gas connections aspects to consider our;

  • Distance from the main
  • Length of excavation
  • Required hourly load
  • Required pressure


For standard low pressure meters, we can provide pricing lists on request.


If you would like more information regarding our site work arrangements services, please do not hesitate to contact us. Whilst completing the the contact form, please ensure you select “Energy Brokerage” as your interested area.