Brokerage Pricing

Commission Structure

At Oakwood Energy Brokerage, we do not charge you directly for any of our energy brokerage or account management services, there are no upfront fees or flat yearly fees. We are paid via commission from the suppliers during the procurement process, at the fixed rate shown below;


Electricity = 0.6p/kwh

Gas = 0.4p/kwh


Additional brokerage services such as account management and bill validation are included in the above pricing structure, and can be added or removed to your account to suit your business needs, to create your very own bespoke service package.


The Oakwood Energy Group Package

If you require an Oakwood Energy Group electrical contractor to attend one of your sites, and there is an active electricity or gas contract in place, that has been arranged through Oakwood Energy Brokerage for the site in question, 10% of all invoice charges for electrical contracting will be discounted as part of our Oakwood Energy Group Package.


Please note, all site work and electrical contracting is priced separately, please visit the respective pages for further details, or submit a query via our contact us page.