Bill Validation


One of the most effective methods of identifying supplier issues is via our bill validation service, this service allows us to check your invoices are correct prior to you receiving them. Redirection of your invoices direct to our office address will allow us to comprehensively analyse your invoice to ensure there are no issues such as; the supplier not adhering to the arranged contract in place, the meter readings being used are inaccurate, your account balance to date is not correct, and many more.


If you choose to use this service, your invoices will show the below billing address;

[Your Business Name]

C/O Oakwood Energy Brokerage Ltd,

1 Sandymere Court,





Our bill validation service does not only aid us in identifying issues quickly, but also provides an offsite invoice storage facility, as we scan, save and store every invoice we receive. If a time ever arises that you need access to historical invoices for tax purposes, or to resolve an issue at a specific site, you need only ask and we can provide them for you.